Configit has been using Konsolidator® since 2016. The company delivers among other technologies, CPQ software. Configit was established based on ground-breaking research results from top Danish universities in 2000, and as a result they now have offices all over the world.


Miinto is a website that gathers over 1,200 physical fashion retailers from 4 different countries. Miinto has been using Konsolidator® since 2015, and was one of the very first customers that started using the solution.

Holmris Group

Holmris Group consists of a group and three sub-groups with strong brands and 15 companies in 6 different countries.


– for all groups


The solution is for all industries in all sizes. The initial idea was to give smaller groups an alternative to Excel consolidation. Therefore, we continue to deliver value to this segment. Larger groups have also seen the benefits of a “best of breed” software, and Konsolidator is now used by all kinds of groups, all with the same target – Simple, fast and most of all consistent consolidation at an affordable price.


The matrix shows the customer mix between both ownership, size and complexity.

– for all groups


EQ: Private Equity owned companies PR: Privately owned companies

LI: Listed companies

AUD: Auditors

SUB: Subsidiary to a foreign parent


In a consolidation framework, the number of subsidiaries is one of the parameters in the measurement of complexity.


Revenue is one way of measuring the size of a company.

“Konsolidator makes our financial consolidation a fast task and ensures a correct result. It is a fast, reliable and effective tool”

Martin Dahl Christensen, CFO at Miinto ApS

"Konsolidator is a reliable financial consolidation tool. It has worked flawlessly for us, and at no point did we regret getting it. Konsolidator delivers on its promises, and the tool replaced our manual Excel method in a good and well-documented way. The data is organized and well documented, there is an audit trail, and our auditors tells us that using Konsolidator saves them work compared to the former excel based model"

Anders Tang Christensen, CFO at Configit A/S