Who are we

Konsolidator® is a cloud-based, best-of-breed, SaaS consolidation and reporting tool that standardize and streamlines the consolidation process through simple innovative functionality. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Konsolidator® provides actionable insights by relevant, accurate and timely management information based on customers key performance data, enabling them to focus their time on the analysis of their data rather than the production and thereby accelerate and improve tactical and strategic decisions to ultimately increase turnover

Our story

Groups of all sizes are struggling with issues such as poor data quality, including an inability to obtain timely and accurate management information and the inefficiencies associated with outdated systems.

Konsolidator® was developed in response to these exact issues. As CFO´s we experienced an unmet need when we were to provide accounts and financial reports to the board, management, auditor and banks, and lacked a simple software to support our work. When preparing the consolidated financial statements in self-made Excel spreadsheets the process is time-consuming and one is exposed to issues such as lack of consistency, documentation and transparency, as well as high error risk, and great dependency on the person who prepared the Excel-model. But for CFO´s in small and medium-sized groups there is no alternative to Excel

With Konsolidator® even small and medium-sized groups can gain a competitive advantage by digitizing the finance function and automating repetitive and time-consuming activities associated with monthly reporting and yearly consolidation to free up time for the finance function to add more strategic value to the business.

We founded Konsolidator® with an ambition to create a cloud-based reporting and consolidation software that would revolutionize group finance functions worldwide, and with our backgrounds as financial controller, CFO and chartered account from A.P Møller-Maersk, Lindeberg Group, Clipper Group and Deloitte and software architect at Dampskibsselskabet Norden we have created the solution the market lacked and that meets the exacts needs and requirements of finance professionals of today and the future.

CEO, Claus Finderup Grove

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CTO, Lars Højer Paaske

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COO, Jack Skov

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