Konsolidator® streamlines the financial consolidation and reporting process which enables the finance department to deliver data at a higher strategic level.  

Our customers varies from small size privately owned companies to large listed corporations - all with same motive: To simplify the consolidation process and get a "best-of-breed" tool.

Simple and flexible

Our goal is to ensure that your group is secured a simple financial consolidation and reporting process. As a result, you will only need a minimal amount of time to produce consolidated financial reports of high quality. Furthermore, flexibility is ensured with cloud-computing. You can access Konsolidator via your web-browser, via app-store and our Excel add-on, Konsolidator Konnect.

We focus on quality and usability

The founders of Konsolidator have many years of experience with finance and economics in their previous roles as respectively registered public accountant and CFO; thus the people behind the solution are finance experts who know your needs and challenges. Konsolidator® ensures consistency and contains all elements for financial consolidation purposes, including both cashflow statements and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Data quality and usability were main priorities when developing the solution; as a result, your consolidated financial information is therefore displayed in a manner which is easy to read, to make sure that you can easily present your numbers.

Konsolidator includes the following features

  • Group and sub-group consolidation
  • Cash flow statements for group and subsidiaries
  • Budget & Forecasts
  • KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Currency translation with automated exchange rate uploads
  • Automated calculation of the non-controlling interests
  • Intercompany elimination
  • Audit trail
  • User interface to ERP and BI systems
  • Konsolidator Konnect (Excel add-on)
  • Smartphone and tablet app

Software as a Service (SaaS)

You do not need to worry about installations, backups and updates. System upgrades and new features will instantly be applied to all users, and your data is securely stored in the sky.

With Konsolidator Konnect you can prepare management reports and financial accounts with notes and analyses in Excel. An Excel add-in module gives you direct access to your numbers in Konsolidator where you build the reports, including graphs and comparative figures.

A financial package containing essential features

The solution integrates with ERP system, BI tools and Excel. Konsolidator® consolidates both on sub-group and group level.


For realized numbers (Actual), Budgets & Forecasts:

  • P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • Segments (dimensions)
  • KPI’s:

               – Financial KPI’s such as Return on Equity, ROIC etc.

               – Non-financial KPI’s such as FTE, units etc.

A financial package containing essential features


Konsolidator probably has the most advanced algorithm for financial consolidation on the market.


  • Uploaded exchange rates from ECB
  • Calculation of exchange rate adjustments
  • Calculation of minority share eliminations
  • Calculation of elimination of investments in subsidiaries
  • Calculation of elimination of inter-company transactions
  • Calculation of Cash-flow for Group, Sub-group and subsidiaries
  • Possible to have different ownership over a period of time
  • Drill down from Group level to local accounts in subsidiaries

How to get started

Customer successes

“Konsolidator makes our financial consolidation a fast task and ensures a correct result. It is a fast, reliable and effective tool”

Martin Dahl Christensen, CFO at Miinto ApS

"Konsolidator is a reliable financial consolidation tool. It has worked flawlessly for us, and at no point did we regret getting it. Konsolidator delivers on its promises, and the tool replaced our manual Excel method in a good and well-documented way. The data is organized and well documented, there is an audit trail, and our auditors tells us that using Konsolidator saves them work compared to the former excel based model"

Anders Tang Christensen, CFO at Configit A/S

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